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Secrets of Dog Groomers

Highlighting Top Secrets of the Best Dog Groomers

There are a number of products that dog groomers use in order to make your pet dog smell fresh and clean. Normally, dog groomers will work on your pet from the paws all the way to their nooks and crannies to ensure no part is left unsanitized.  Here are a few secrets that dog groomers use to ensure maximum pampering for your pet.


According to dog boarding experts, dog groomers always rely on shampoo that is manufactured and formulated for your pet dogs.  The shampoo is especially formulated to get rid of odors not just from hair but also from the skin.  They go the extra mile to get rid of unwanted odors using different odor-stopping ingredients.

Cotton Balls and Swabs

When it comes to cleaning your pet, it is not unusual for the groomer to go above and beyond simple wash and dry. Part of the process includes cleaning the ears, eyes as well as cutting the nails properly.  Cleaning these areas greatly reduces the foul odor that emanates from your pet from time to time.  This is especially useful for pets that are infected with ear mites.  Using clean cotton balls and swabs they soak them in 70% alcohol in order to remove and disinfect the ears. The alcohol also helps dries out any water left behind from bathing or from swimming. For the eyes, cotton balls soaked in warm water are used.

 Sprays and Colognes

When it comes to completing the cleaning/grooming session, colognes and sprays are used in order to keep your pets as fresh smelling as possible. There are “chalk” finishing products, which can be used in between grooming sessions to keep them smelling really great. Some sprays are used to remove debris that may have gotten caught up in dog coats or mud from their paws. Most of these products are left on after they are applied and require no rinsing

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